Sadie Rose Bader-Gottlieb

January 2002
Dear Friends and Family,

We want to share with you a very Happy New Year and news of the arrival of our daughter, Sadie Rose Bader-Gottlieb. Her birth, on December 24, brought to a happy end a year filled with sad news and tragedy, with Sara’s birthday, September 11, as the low point.

First, a word about her name. In the tradition of the Ashkenazi (eastern and central European) Jews, Sadie Rose is named in memory of family members who were deceased at the time of her birth. [David and his twin sister Debra were named after their great-grandparents, Daniel and Deborah Honig, who, along with many family members, perished in the Holocaust.]

The name Sadie was chosen to honor Sara’s grandmothers, Sadie Mantel Eiger (maternal) and Sadie Cohen Gottlieb (paternal), and also David’s mother’s paternal grandmother, Sophie Rosenbaum. The name Rose was chosen to honor David’s maternal grandmother, Rosalie Honig Roberts, David’s maternal great-aunt, Rosalie Scherzer, and Sara’s maternal great-aunt, Rose Mantel Kaufman.

Sadie’s Hebrew name is: Sarah Vared bat David v'Sarah

We hope you enjoy the enclosed photograph, in which Sadie is wearing a sweater hand-knitted by her great-grandmother, Sadie Cohen Gottlieb, with the matching blanket in the background. The set was made several years before her passing (months after David and Sara’s 1996 wedding), in the hope that a great-grandchild would come to fill them. Sadie is the third such child to be born since that time.

Best wishes and Peace to everyone,
Sara, David, and Sadie Rose