Sadie Rose Bader-Gottlieb

Happy New Year 2004!

January, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

We would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year and share with you a little about what we’ve been up to in 2003.

Sadie has grown from a new walker to a running, jumping, climbing talker! She has an amazing vocabulary, speaks in full sentences, knows all her colors and a few letters and numbers. An infatuation with “Elmo” and the other Sesame Street characters has developed, but she is also making lots of “real” friends in preschool and through a neighborhood playgroup we organized this fall.

David was granted tenure and promotion to Associate Professor in the University of New Mexico’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department last spring. He was also awarded several very large multi-institution research grants from the National Science Foundation, been elected chair of the IEEE Technical Committee for Parallel Processing and has travelled from coast to coast in support of those activities. David’s research is in high-performance computing, computational biology and collaborating with IBM on the design of their next-generation supercomputer.

We travelled to France last April (Sadie stayed in Albuquerque with Sara’s parents), visiting David’s brother’s family in Paris and spending a week on the French Riviera in Nice. David helped organize a conference there that he will be chairing this year in Santa Fe, NM.

Sara’s work on endangered fishes in the southwest continues, and she is a Principal Investigator on a project to develop a web-based interface for a set of long-term data from the Four Corners area. In addition, she is actively involved in the documentation of the decline of the Rio Grande silvery minnow.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2004 and wish the same for you.

Sara, David, and Sadie Rose
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